Consulting for Organizational Improvement 🔎


Are your key people leaving? Do you have a hard time hiring talents? Does productivity keep decreasing? All these people problems are simply symptoms–you need to find the root cause and address it. Cerdas Kolektif Consulting diagnoses your organization holistically to identify gaps within and between your people, culture, and structure, and helps you implement the right interventions.

How we work

Step 1 – Assessment & Diagnosis 🥼

We start by meeting you to understand the initial problem. Then, we do primary and secondary data collection to help identify the root cause and existing gaps.

Step 2 – Solution Proposal 💡

We propose recommended solutions to you based on the identified problems. You are free to decide whether to proceed with us and which solution to pursue.

Step 3 – Solution Implementation 🛠

We implement the solutions you approved in Step 2. For consulting engagement, all solutions will include playbook development, knowledge transfer to internal HR team, and internal communication assistance for new program/policy.

Work with us