Performance Management for Startups 🚀

OKR, competency model, 360-degree feedback… With all the available techniques out there, how should startups measure and accelerate performance?


In the early days, startups and new businesses focused on chasing product-market fit and gaining traction. Once startups achieve these milestones, they are now ready to scale. One of founders’ first priorities in scale-up is to be able to recognize and accelerate their people’s performance.

How should startups recognize who their top performers are? How can startups measure people’s performance fairly, regularly, accurately while doing this with limited resources? Join this half-day online bootcamp tailored to founders, COO, or the first HR hire at fast-growing businesses to learn the practical way to managing performance.

What you will learn

What is wrong with today’s performance management?

The way we review performance is based on a wrong assumption and is too complex to be applied in startups with limited support/resources. You will learn about these assumptions before designing a new approach to performance management.

How should I measure and accelerate performance?

It’s challenging to measure everyone’s performance fairly and accurately when everything is moving fast. You will learn to solve this challenge using simple tools that all startups can implement for free.

How can I use performance management to build a great culture?

Performance reviews and other performance management rituals are simply a tool. Your true objective is to use them to drive employee behaviors you want to see. You will learn to design your startup’s performance management technique to match the behaviors and culture you want to build.


Raisa Nabila Junaidi

Founder & Director, Cerdas Kolektif

Raisa has 6+ years of experience in the talent management and human resources space. She has worked in both early-stage and growth-stage companies, where she built a lot of initiatives in talent acquisition, HR analytics, and employee engagement. At Cerdas Kolektif, she advises startups on how to shape great workplaces.

Raisa was educated at Cornell ILR School, the world’s no. 1 school in HR and organization.



  • Wednesday, 26 October 2022
  • 19.00 – 21.00 WIB
  • Online, via Zoom


  • Normal price: Rp549,000/pax
  • Bundle price for 2 people: Rp399,000/pax


  • Zoom recording
  • PPT Handout